Landscape Photography. Mini Tutorial.

When shooting landscapes, there are some basic rules that will help you get much better results. Today we look at Robbie’s rule #1.

1. Time of day. The best time to shoot is in the early morning or late afternoon. Also about 30 minutes before sunset, and 30 minutes after. This will give you the softer more diffused light. You will also avoid harsh light and shadows that can make what would have been a great shot into a so so one.

Avoid if at all possible the hours between 11 and 2PM. Of course if you are on a tour this is not always possible we will talk about work arounds in a later module. The reason why we avoid these hours, is that the sun is at it’s highest and causes the long harsh shadows and unflattering light. Play with positioning. The sun does not always have to be behind you. Try different angles with the sun coming from the right, left, etc. You will begin to learn how to shape the light, and really, that is what is is all about. More tomorrow.