Bayline Studios Creative Director, Robbie McLean will now be having a weekly column on the

Topics will include everything from what to look for in a “professional” photographer to hands on camera tutorials, street photography, happenings, current events, to travel photography. When asked why he wanted to write a column, he replied ,

“I have always loved to write, be it music, short stories, poetry or even technical manuals. I still like to write freehand, with an old fountain pen or even sometimes with a quill. Yup that’s right the one with the feather on it. Basically i get a subject in my head, and I just write. Sometimes it is nothing but gibberish at first, but then the thoughts start to gel. By writing for the Examiner I get to reach out more to the people of Baltimore, and  surrounding areas, and speak about a passion of mine, namely photography. ” We will be contributing to the Baltimore Wedding Photography Examiner, and the Baltimore Event Photography Examiner. Our first articles will be appearing next week so stop in to , and have a look around the Baltimore edition.