One of the most important things you can do for your client, is shut up and listen.

Listening to, and documenting what your client is saying, allows you to immediately address their most important questions and concerns. Gather as much information about what they are looking for, what their vision is. Ask them, they will tell you.

Questions are a very powerful tool in determining if you are a good fit for each other. At Bayline Studios, we do not sell anything. We simply provide solutions, options and programs, designed to deliver exceptional results based on our partnership with our clients. By showing an active interest in what your client is presenting allows the trust factor to grow, and their confidence in you will grow as well. By offering suggestions based on the information that they have provided, shows that you are engaged and really looking out for them.

Nothing makes me crazier thanĀ  a salesperson, who all they care about is getting their commission. They do not care about you, they do not bother to find out anything about you. All they want to know is cash or credit. They also usually do not know very much about their product.

How can you sell something to someone when you know absolutely nothing about them or what they are really looking for? Simple answer, you can’t. Folks are not stupid, they can spot a phony a mile a way.

It is so important these days, to separate yourself from the crowd. To have a genuine interest in your client. Here at Bayline Studios, we look at our clients as partners. As partners we are looking to achieve the same goal. The finest photographic experience possible. There is no magic formula. All we do is sit down and really get to know our client/partners. We ask a lot of questions designed to get them talking, and excited about the project. We are in constant contact from start to finish, making sure all is going according to plan. We hate surprises. There should never be any, when you have an open honest relationship.

Our business is 85% repeat, referral, and word of mouth. We cannot think of a better compliment.