The other day we were on assignment in our nations capital.

It had been quite some time since I had actually been inside the capital and wow have things changed. The security is tighter than ever, more so than what is required to board a commercial aircraft.

Before you can even enter the visitors center you are greeted by Capital Police, who are very friendly and helpful. We struck up a conversation, well the conversation was initiated by one of the officers while looking at our photography gear. It turned out that he was  an amateur photographer with  two young daughters and was asking for some advice.

We started talking about lenses, composition, how to avoid blurry grainy shots, it was a lot of fun. Once inside the police were equality as friendly but really serious about making sure that NOTHING potentially dangerous got in. The metal detectors were so sensitive that the ringlets on my hiking boots set it off.

Like flying, it is such a shame that we have to have all of these security measures in place, but given the times we live in and all the kooks out there, I am very thankful to have these men and women watching out for us. So the next time you are grumbling about going through security, ask yourself, if I have nothing to hide, what’s the big deal?

We were escorted to areas of the capital that most visitors do not get to visit without a congressional our senate appointment. See, the power of the press! 🙂 But seriously a very big thank you to the Secret Service and the United States Capital Police for helping us with our documentary assignment.

The Bayline Studios crew will be at the White House next week to cover Final Salutes Open House.