This week we will be doing a Mini-Tutorial on Travel Photography,

both at home and abroad.

Part 1:

To get things rolling lets start with traveling abroad. Obviously, you have done your homework and know your destination. The problem is there is always soooo much to see and do, that you can’t get to it all in the limited amount of time that you have. One thing that has always worked well for us is to have an anchor city. By this I mean using a major city as a hub, and then working your schedule to include day trips around it.

Most major cities in Europe offer a great tourist tool. This is the Hop-On, Hop Off, double decker buses. You can buy 24 or 48 hour rides ranging from 25-30 Euro. This way you can save time by getting to some of the major attractions and really getting to know your new city while relaxing and taking it all in.

The Hops, as I call them, are a loop. There are usually a few different lines to choose from. They even allow you to use the city buses and Metro, so it is a great deal.

The best way is to just relax and do the whole route for the first time. Yes it will be tempting to jump off and go photograph something cool, but trust me, just do the whole thing the first time, and that way you can pick and choose what you really want to stop at.

Most of the loops take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, so bring snacks and treats, as well as water.

We have done this in Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and other cities and it works like a charm.

OK that is pretty much it for Day 1. Day 2 coming up tomorrow!