Wedding Ceremony Photography. Baltimore, Annapolis, DC

Wedding Ceremony Photography. Baltimore, Annapolis, DC

Wedding ceremonies are intensely unique. No two are ever the same. Each wedding ceremony has its own distinct personality.

It is our job as professional photographers, to ensure that every possible moment, nuance, angle and expression is captured. The importance of having a professional photographer cover your wedding cannot be understated. This is a once in a lifetime event where action happens fast. The lighting conditions change, guests jump out of nowhere to try to take photos.

You have to know how to adapt, how to get the angles, and the shot. Unlike a movie, this is live theatre. You only get once chance to get it right, so you better nail it.

Every Wedding Ceremony is different. Some are small and intimate, while others can be quite ornate and choreographed. Our multicultural team of professional photographers has you covered. We specialize in ethnic weddings of all types. We have shot all over the world with our destination wedding offerings and are comfortable in our vast knowledge of culture and tradition.

A skilled professional photographer will also know how to deal with lighting challenges. A lot of churches, and places of worship, tend to be dark inside. There can also be numerous types of light. Ambient, incandescent, fluorescent or a mixed combination. Then there is also the light that comes through the stained glass. All of these combined can cause a nightmare for an inexperienced photographer. Photos tend to come out dark, blurry and orange.

This will never happen when you hire one of our trained certified professionals. Contact us for a free no pressure, consultation on what to look for in a wedding photographer.

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