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How it all started…Call it a moment of clarity, and epiphany if you will.

I remember sitting in my office as a Director of National Sales of an International Fortune 500 company, getting ready for yet another Monday morning meeting, and suddenly it hit me.  What am I doing with my life? I used to be so creative! Writer, Musician, Photographer, Free Spirit.  What happened?

At that moment I realized that I had not lost my passion for these things, I had simply misplaced it. With that one acknowledgement, my life would change forever.

In my wildest dreams, I never would have guessed that just a few short years, my love of photography would have me traveling to Milan, Rome, Florence, Dublin, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Denver, West Palm Beach and other amazing destinations to photograph, capture and preserve weddings, fashion models, and corporate functions.

Has it been easy? No.  Is it all glitz and glamor?  Hardly.  Is it the hardest most rewarding job I have ever had? Absolutely!

I also knew that I could not do this alone. That is why I needed to form an exceptional, passionate and dedicated team of associates. I also wanted to make sure that everyone’s styles and personalities complimented each other. Each one with a unique gift. Bayline Studios is a multicultural team of award winning, internationally recognized photographers, whose work has appeared in many local regional, national, and international publications, promotional campaigns and various media.

We are Lifestyle photographers specializing in weddings, engagements, fine art portraiture, corporate events, fashion and commercial photography.

Giving back to the community is important here at Bayline Studios. We chair the photography committee for Susan G. Komen, Maryland, and The Hemispherectomy Foundation. We are also the photography lead for the Maryland Women’s Journal, and the Baltimore Tourism Association. We have also recently partnered with The Umbrella Syndicate, which does a lot of great philanthropy work.

We have to thank our amazing clients, corporate partners, family, friends, colleagues and competitors for allowing us to pursue our passion in photographing life’s rich canvas.

Bayline Studios Photography and Events is a member in good standing with the following professional photography organizations:

 Professional Photographers of America PPA
– Maryland Professional Photographers Association MDPPA
– Professional Photographers of Greater Washington, DC
– Baltimore-Metro Photographers
– Creative Exposure, Baltimore
– Royal Photographic Society-UK
– American Society of Media Photographers
– FotoMundial-Spain






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